So what? Why should I care about personality disorders?

Perhaps you're wondering why I'm so fascinated by personality disordered individuals. My mission is actually to EDUCATE you about them so that 1) you can recognize what you're dealing with, 2) realize YOU are not going crazy, 3) we can prevent you from becoming their victim, 4) know what you can do once you encounter them.

The National Institute of Mental Health research puts the prevalence of personality disorders at 10% of the GENERAL population. University researchers put that number at 20%. In mental health outpatient settings, it is at 31%. That's A LOT of people! Did you ever realize this??? Pretty incredible, huh?

So, say you are in a movie theater with 100 people. If the law of averages apply, 10-20 of them could very well be on the personality disorder spectrum.

There are two categories of personality disorders: The cluster A disorders are the odd, eccentric, and bizarre personalities. Cluster Bs (my interest area) are the dramatic, erratic, manipulative, and dangerous. Cluster C disordered individuals are anxious and fearful (different from anxiety disorder, though).

We all share many personality characteristics: these individuals are beyond the functional point in the personality spectrum. The defining feature is that their personality prevents them from getting along with people. You know a few people like that, don't you!

Rather than merely describing who these people are, it is my mission to inform YOU about tactics and ways to think about the Cluster B's so that you can stay away and not be manipulated by them. From annoying to predatory, the Cluster B's make relationships with them virtually impossible.

So, check out my Web site at for more insight into our friends, the Cluster B's.