"She made me mad!"

“She  made me mad.”

That is a phrase spoken only by the person who takes no responsibility for their own emotions, thinking, and feelings. They are not the master of their mind; they have handed over control to others, like a marionette puppet dancing to another’s tune.

“She made me mad.”

That is narcissism at its best, assuming that the “perpetrator” is solely focused on doing something all about YOU, so much so that she is able to accomplish the impossible: to make you do something. It’s all about you, isn’t it?

“She made me mad.”

No, she didn’t; instead, it is your ego that got you here. This is the part of you that is compulsively driven by fear. It is fed by arrogance, entitlement, attachment, and control. It is self-negating and tells us we are the victims of others.

Blaming others for your feelings and behaviors is a low point in your functioning. It is you at your worst. You show your mean streak, your self-pity, and paranoia. You are a victim. There is no possibility for a relationship when you blame, and it is at this point you must accept that personal work is required.

In truth, “she” didn’t do it. You did. And to fix it, you have to work on yourself to make it better. Master yourself. Take responsibility for your moods. Acknowledge you are not a victim.