Don't Apologize Without This....

The purpose of an apology is to REPAIR a tear in your relationship.

Something happened that damaged your bond. Now, what’s needed is for you to demonstrate that your relationship is more important than your ego, and that you truly understand what your partner felt like when you did whatever it was you did.

Saying “I’m sorry” isn’t enough.

To make your apology meaningful, you have to say you’re sorry, name what you did, express what it must have felt like for your partner to experience your behavior, and then name what you are going to do in the future to re-earn the trust that has been damaged or broken.

Because by doing whatever it was you did, you actually rendered a tear - however small or large - in your partner’s trust.

I am sorry that I…….

It must have been difficult for you to feel….when I …..

I will….

Apologizing isn’t going to repair your relationship. It’s what you do AFTER the apology that heals.

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