Watch out for these 13 classic signs of manipulation

  1. He meets up with a former girlfriend but doesn’t tell you about it.

  2. You have to find out about it from an acquaintance.

  3. You confront him about it but he denies it.

  4. He lies to you and only admits to it when you find out the truth.

  5. He makes up explanations to rationalize his bad behavior.

  6. He says he lied to you to protect your feelings.

  7. He claims his indiscretion happened “only once.”

  8. He accuses you of being the “cop,” and blames you for looking where you shouldn’t.

  9. He promises it will never happen again.

  10. He calls you paranoid

  11. He says you really need to get over it.

  12. He says he wouldn’t have done it if you hadn’t made him do it.

  13. He wants you to forgive and forget, instead of taking responsibility for his actions.